Mixed Berry & Kale Smoothie

January is the month of positive changes and fresh starts. I don't necessarily prescribe to a 'new year, new me', but I do believe in the incredibly liberating perspective of having another chance to improve things or just do better. One way I'm doing that, like many, is making healthy changes to my eating habits … Continue reading Mixed Berry & Kale Smoothie


DACA and the Clean Dream Act

As a permanent resident, my status here in the United States will come up for renewal in 2023. It will more than likely be a straightforward process that allows me to continue to build my life in America. My experiences will be easier than one group of people I've become increasingly supportive of: The Dreamers. … Continue reading DACA and the Clean Dream Act

Diverse Political Revolution in the U.S.?

I get the sense that the United States is in a difficult phase of its growth. There is definitely great diversity within this country, and although there has been ongoing/recent eruptions of uncertainty, hatred, anger (or much worse), the forward-thinking, innovations, strength and accomplishments that come from it, is where this country has its power. … Continue reading Diverse Political Revolution in the U.S.?

Making A Stand and Taking a Knee

I'm still learning about what life in the United States involves (it's passions, beliefs, struggles, issues etc). The recent, and ongoing peaceful protests carried out by various NFL players has been eye-opening. Sports often brings people together, so the mixed reactions to the ‘Take a Knee' protests gave me a glance into the American psyche. … Continue reading Making A Stand and Taking a Knee

Pouch Pies: The Best Money Can Pie

If you're a good Brit, you love a good pie. In fact, if you're into good food of any kind, chances are you're into a good pie too. I was thrilled to be given an opportunity to try Pouch Pies, a family run company, based in Athens, Georgia that makes a range of delicious food. … Continue reading Pouch Pies: The Best Money Can Pie

Non-Dairy Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake

Homemade vegan cakes can sometimes end up very dense and with minimal rise. After testing my recipe a few times, I've finally baked a Non-Dairy Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake that is full of flavour. It's delicious, soft, light and fluffy, and has a good rise. This super easy recipe also has some helpful tips included. … Continue reading Non-Dairy Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake

Charlottesville: Spotlight on the Division of America

Events in Charlottesville, Virginia have been played out for the world to see. It showed the worst of American life and the best of it. The right to free speech is vociferously protected here, and protests have been made to oppose removal of Confederate statues - an acceptable voicing of views until white supremacy roared … Continue reading Charlottesville: Spotlight on the Division of America