Diverse Political Revolution in the U.S.?

I get the sense that the United States is in a difficult phase of its growth. There is definitely great diversity within this country, and although there has been ongoing/recent eruptions of uncertainty, hatred, anger (or much worse), the forward-thinking, innovations, strength and accomplishments that come from it, is where this country has its power.

If the people in government are overwhelmingly from one group, be that race, religion, gender, economic status etc, then discussions around change, laws, justice, and all the other things that go into making the country work, are from a narrow perspective. Narrowness is never going to be a fertile ground for ensuring the “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for all.

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The recent state elections have shown a potential for inclusive and diverse progression as a nation. I have spent many mornings dreading what news I will wake to, and for once I was given a sense of positive change. I understand that Trump, to many, represented a move away from how things have been run for so long. I suspect that as his presidency advances, and more things come to light from the Mueller investigation, it will transpire that we’ve been given more of the same corrupt elitism that seems to have been built into the corridors of power here.

People were ready to dismantle, and revolutionise, and that can only come about with diverse representation. You cannot have more of the same and expect different results. So I am hopeful that the recent voting in of Danica Roem, Melvin Carter, Ravi Singh Bhalla and Hala Ayala, to name a few, will help create a political landscape that is inclusive of all who live in the USA.

What are your thoughts on America’s political climate today? What do you think of the diversity represented by the newly elected appointees?





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