Pouch Pies: The Best Money Can Pie

If you’re a good Brit, you love a good pie. In fact, if you’re into good food of any kind, chances are you’re into a good pie too. I was thrilled to be given an opportunity to try Pouch Pies, a family run company, based in Athens, Georgia that makes a range of delicious food.

Pouch Pies have an amazing variety of pies that you can order and have delivered to your door (anywhere in the U.S.), that are inspired by different regions of the globe. I looked through their menu and went with Boykie (South Africa), Monty Piethon (England), Mo’Rockin Veggie (Morocco), Paddy Whack (Ireland), Pork Q Pie (Georgia, USA), and Pielander (Scotland).

The delivery was really fast and came in a well packed, temperature controlled package, and beautifully presented box. I know I am a savoury pie fan that borders on (possible) obsession but I will admit to giving a little round of applause upon seeing my selection of food to try because they looked so good.

Baking instructions were clear and really easy to follow as the pies arrived frozen to keep them as fresh a possible, so the only thing I had to do was have the patience to wait for them to cook. All the pies came out really well (the pastry is light, flaky and crispy), and they smelled fantastic.

I decided to try Pork Q Pie, Mo’Rockin Veggie and Monty Piethon first and will update this post very soon when I have sampled the others (update now added below). I was completely willing to try all six but think that may be taking my pie-loving obsession a bit too far.

The Georgia, USA inspired Pork Q Pie was a taste revelation as I have not eaten much pulled pork before. It had the most wonderful peach BBQ sauce and even though I wanted to eat it all, I had to save half for the American to try because something this good needs to be experienced. I didn’t want to share so this counts as my good deed of the day. Right? It was succulent, flavourful and one I will definitely be trying again.

The Moroccan inspired Mo’Rockin Veggie was a really new style of filling for me as I have never had couscous in a pie before. It has a blend of dried apricots, raisins, vegetables and spices that just work together so well. I love couscous itself, and never thought it would work but Pouch Pies have got the balance of flavours, spices and moistness just right. It was great. And the English inspired Monty Piethon had a fantastic white wine sauce with a really good flavour, and juicy chicken and mushrooms. A solidly scrumptious chicken pie. I am looking forward to trying the remaining three that I have (Boykie, Pielander, Paddy Whack). Keep an eye out for the update!

The next batch of pies I got to try were Boykie (South Africa), Paddy Whack (Ireland), and Pielander (Scotland). All of these are beef pies that are made with melt-in-the-mouth tenderloin. Sometimes beef pies can skimp on the quality of meat but not these ones, all three were very succulent and fresh. The Boykie had a beautifully rich red wine sauce that had a generous helping of black pepper which really pushed it to a new level of del-ic-i-ous. Paddy Whack had a nice mellow ale flavour from the Smithwicks Ale that is in the filling, along with bacon that made it that much more glorious. Pielander had chunkier pieces of tenderloin that was generously paired with a lovely gravy keeping all the meat juicy and packed full of flavour.

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If you love pies and want to try some that go beyond the normal fillings and give your taste buds a party, and even cater for a party, then head on over to Pouch Pies and give them a go. You will not be disappointed, you will be delighted with the choice, the customer service, and the great food.

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What is your favourite type of pie? Share the pie love in a comment! Enjoy!




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