The Conscious Consumer’s Gift Guide

When looking for gifts for a special occasion, or a special person in your life, we are all guilty of being drawn to things that we secretly would like for ourselves! Putting personal treats aside (for now), buying from a company that has an ethos of being environmentally and socially aware, is a major bonus.

At this time of year my calendar seems to be filled with birthdays, births, anniversaries, and many other important life events, so this is a busy time trying to find interesting, or special gifts. UncommonGoods seems to have come to my rescue as there has recently been a slew of babies being born (or about to be), and many birthdays and anniversaries coming up (including my own, hint, hint).

I try to maintain environmentally sustainable ideals as much as possible within my everyday life, so the fact I could find some anniversary gifts ideas made from recycled, or upcycled materials (with a selection being handmade too) really caught my eye. It is also important to me that the people who create and make anything that I buy are treated fairly and well, so social accountability is also a big influence. To be able to find Fair Trade items/materials being used ticked another box for me.

Which anniversary gift do you think is the one to go for?

Repurposed Hockey Stick BBQ Set | Upcycled Fair Trade Cotton Indonesian Batik Bag | Latitude and Longitude Customizable Solid Recycled Sterling Silver Pendants

I have quite a number of friends who have recently had a baby or are about to, and I often get stuck on what gifts to give a newborn, or to new parents. Finding handmade, and ‘made in America’ items can be hard, but I found the following unique gifts that I think meet that criteria.

What would you recommend as the perfect baby shower present?

Handmade Pacific Northwest Wool Booties | Handmade Customizable Papercut Keepsake | Hand-Painted Customizable Wooden Baby Bunting

Finding gifts for men is the greatest struggle of all, as you usually get no help with any ideas, especially if you want to find something a little bit beyond the norm. Gift cards, I am sad to admit, is usually where I end up. I know, I know, completely unoriginal. So finding something from this array of gifts for the man in your life has given me faith that I will finally get it right!

What would you pick out for a loved one?

Reclaimed Bike Tube Reflective Wallet | Authentic NFL Stadium Seat Cufflinks | Solar Powered Charger and Light


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