British Connection – Sweets From Back Home

Currently as a U.S. living Brit, I sometimes need something from home to help me feel connected to the UK, and receiving a package full of tasty sweets treats, like the box I got from Sweets From Back Home, an online monthly subscription service that sends British sweets (candy) to your door, did just that!

I was given the April 2017 Box to try out (and review) and when I got the package it looked very small, so I assumed only a few items were included – to my surprise and joy, it was crammed full and included: Dib Dab, Galaxy Ripple, Galaxy Caramel, Cadbury Crunchie, Cadbury Wispa, Cadbury Freddo. Cadbury CurlyWurly, Cadbury Marvellous Creations, Swizzles Refreshers and Swizzles Love Hearts!

The box was shipped on the 19th April and arrived on the 28th April (which included a weekend, so took roughly a week/just over to get here) plus all the sweets included in this months box were in great condition (no broken, crushed or crumpled contents).

Sweets From Back Home offers a monthly subscription service (two options available – a $19.99/mo Standard Box and a $29.99/mo Large Box – these prices are for the U.S) they also have a one time Taster Box priced at $19.99 – all prices have shipping included making this service pretty good value.

If you live in North America, Canada, Australia or New Zealand (currently where Sweets From Back Home ships to) and would like to get some British sweets and treats delivered to your door, then use this code (exclusive to The Move to America) for 25% off your first box: TMTA25

For more information, head on over to Sweets From Back Home or visit their Facebook page and get snacking!

I really enjoyed the quick arrival and varied selection of British sweets included, and think this is a great service to keep you connected to life back home, (I am writing this as I excitedly eat/inhale the CurlyWurly and Refreshers) … even if you are not British and just fancy trying out some chocolate/candy from the UK then I recommend it … because we all know that British chocolate is the best!

Subtle Hints: Love Hearts do not include Buy Me A Box so this will have to do …

What is your favourite chocolate bar or sweet treat to have? What snack food reminds you of home?


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