U.S. Food Review: Peanut Flavoured Candy Bars

A big part of getting used to the culture and everyday life of the USA is very much linked to new food experiences. The latest taste test / food review is for Zero, WhatChaMaCallIt and 5th Avenue, which are all peanut / peanut butter flavoured candy bars – peanut butter being hugely popular over here.

The Information

Zero is a caramel, peanut and nougat candy bar which is covered in white fudge and has been around since the 1920s. WhatChaMaCallIt is a caramel and peanut flavoured rice crisp candy bar created in 1978 – amazing year, even if I do say so myself … and 5th Avenue is a crunchy peanut butter centred candy bar first created in 1936. All classic chocolate bars that have been around for a while and are firm childhood favourites of the American who was very excited for me to try them.

trying american chocolate 1

The Taste Test

Zero had a nice chewy texture from the nougat and caramel but the overriding taste was that of the peanut centre (just like peanut butter) which was good. The white fudge coating was very, very sweet and left a strange film on the roof of my mouth and teeth – it had a very synthetic taste and texture.

WhatChaMaCallIt has a really good texture with the crispy rice pieces and caramel, and although the peanut flavour was the least strong out of the 3 candy bars, it was the most pleasant.

5th Avenue had a really crunchy texture much like a Chick-O-Stick which was really good and a very strong peanut butter taste. It was very sweet but that got balanced out by the peanut butter.

trying american chocolate 2

The Verdict

From most favourite to least, I would order them as follows: WhatChaMaCallIt, 5th Avenue, Zero

WhatChaMaCallIt was not sickly sweet and had the most pleasant taste and texture out of the 3 candy bars whereas Zero had an overly sweet and strange synthetic taste.

What is your favourite chocolate bar? Have you tried the items that have been taste tested – what was your least favourite?

What would you like to see me try next?


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