Trump Shakes Up The GOP By Reaching The Required Number of Delegates

Yesterday a news alert came through on my phone about Donald Trump reaching the required number of delegates to become the GOP presidential nominee. He will now face either Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders – but most likely Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee – starting the run to the White House and becoming POTUS.

A news story I read last week said that Trump was actually beating Clinton in various polls, but that Sanders was beating Trump. These polls and results fluctuate, of course, because this week it looks as if Clinton is now marginaly ahead of Trump. Will the State Departments inspector general’s report to Congress regarding Clinton’s use of private emails negatively impact her lead? I will be watching carefully as more of this story unfolds …

Trump has expressed an interest in having a televised debate in California on June 7th with Sanders, as Clinton has ruled this move out. I was left wondering why he would choose Sanders who beats him by bigger margins than Clinton does in various polls? Although now there is some backtracking from Trump as he is hinting that it may have been a joke while on Jimmy Kimmel Live! – so maybe it will not even happen. Either way, that would be something I would like to see.

So what does this say about America and the changes that people wish to bring about? It certainly seems that not being a professional politician, or having any political experience is a big draw – and one I can understand. Donald Trump is anti-establishment and challenges the old ways of the Republican Party – again, something I can understand that resonates with voters. I can see that the American people want a shake up, they want things to be moved away from big business, the rich getting richer, the everyday American experiencing a downturn in their own lives – and, yes again this is something I understand. Generally there is a palpable sense within the news here of the American voters wanting more anti-establishment candidates – a real change.

The Democratic party could possibly be in trouble with this anti-establishment change gaining momentum. Hilary Clinton represents the establishment, Bernie Sanders does not, but Clinton trumps Sanders (pun intended) but Sanders trumps Trump more resoundingly that Clinton … far be it from me to make any predictions, but as Trump has just continued to buck every political pundits pontifications of ‘this will be the end of Donald Trump’ … I have a feeling, come 2017, it will be Trump as president, as he seems unstoppable.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Trump Shakes Up The GOP By Reaching The Required Number of Delegates

  1. ldr13 says:

    I absolutely dread trump as president… I think there would be some grave consequences if he became president. He is an embarrassment. I don’t believe he will win though; I think the majority of americans are sensible enough not to vote an aggressive, racist, mysogynistic loud mouth into power. I hope.


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