Presidential Race 2016: Viral Social Media Trend?

I am watching the 2016 Presidential Race with interest, and learning a lot about the policies / issues that some are running on – there is still much to learn and get my head around – but during the process there has been some interesting social media trends that have grown out of this campaign.

This is not so new, I am sure, but I think the way they have embraced popular comedy and media has a slightly fresher feel than of old. There was always the odd appearance by some politician to show they were the every man/woman, usually failing abysmally, but lately there has been a few stand out television appearances by some of the top 2016 Presidential race candidates that have been really good.

I usually watch these things with toe-curling embarrassment. Politicians in the UK can be fairly self-deprecating, but I do not recall anything quite like this.

The videos I have included in this post go to highlight a little bit of what I mean, but since I am curious to make connections with people, especially around America (but also around the globe) I was wondering a few things:

Does this kind of popular media appearance help or hinder the politician involved?

Do you want to see your Presidential candidate with a sense of humour and slow jamming the news?

Do you think it detracts from the policies they are running on or is a good way of reaching out to the nation?

I for one have really enjoyed watching the various appearances, but as a non-voter, I would like to hear from those people who will be marking a ballot paper when the time comes, to find out your thoughts on the candidates who have courted this type of media outlet.

Leave a comment and share your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Presidential Race 2016: Viral Social Media Trend?

  1. Susan says:

    Great post!! You brought up many of the things that bother me about him. Yes, he’ll get it done; Yes, Putin will listen to him . Where’s the proof, the plan?? Trump is also a sexist pig, in my opinion, and I loved it when Florina was asked about the ‘face’ comment, and she said that women across the country have heard him. She’s damn right about that!! I also live in S Florida, where Trump and his family live part-time, do I have heard and read about other, not so flattering, things that he has been involved in. Sorry to write do much, but I can’t stand that man!!


    • Molly @ The Move to America says:

      Thank you! I appreciate the comment as I want a good discussion and debate to be had around this topic, and others I write about, so if there is any engagement with what I put out, all the better! I saw the response Carly Fiorina made to Trump’s face remark – and I thought it was very well done and made sure women watching the debate knew what they would be dealing with if Trump continued with the success he seems to be having. I can believe Trump has got as far as he has based on the bravado and straight talking – but hopefully that is now subsiding so a bit of substance will come forth … which I really don’t think, in Trump’s case, is going to happen.


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