Metropark Nature Walks in Toledo, Ohio

Part of the joys of my expat life in America is being able to have access to some beautiful nature trails, metroparks and areas of greenery. Toledo, Ohio is a pretty bustling city, and so it is fantastic to be able to feel like you are in the countryside and just be close to nature.

To put a spotlight on my new, adopted hometown, have a look through these photographs I took on a recent early morning visit …

toledo metropark 1

toledo metropark 2

toledo metropark 3

toledo metropark 4

toledo metropark 5

toledo metropark 6

Do you have any special places you like to visit in your area? Where do you go to touch base with nature?


14 thoughts on “Metropark Nature Walks in Toledo, Ohio

  1. Tim says:

    It’s lovely to have so much nature on your doorstep like this. Although I grew up in London, I love being close to lots of great countryside in the area around us too – so great for the kids.


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