What Americans Think Is Weird About the British

Lately I have been having discussions with people about what they think is weird about the British. I came across some hilarious perceptions that were not really based on any kind of reality – but, I have recently been told that there are things that I have done that those around me have found odd.

So, tell me  – what do you think is weird about the British?

Here is my little list …


5  //  No Air-Con

Until recently, I was rather reluctant to have the a/c on as I did not have it back in the UK, so spent 30+ years not using one. I now, of course, greatly appreciate it, but it is still very much the norm to not have air-conditioning in homes in Britain. It does not really get hot enough – we just crack a window open and complain about the heat.

4  //  Full English Breakfast

The concept and content of this wonderful traditional breakfast treat can be lost upon my American friends – especially baked beans. It was the baked beans that completely threw some of them into a ‘baked-beans-are-not-a-breakfast-food’ tailspin.

What can I say? It is a meaty, heart-stopping feast for when you do not plan on eating anything else because you will be out doing something very British all day!

This does not have the beans! Shame on you!

This does not have the beans! Shame on you!

3  //  Cockney Rhyming Slang

I do not speak it, nor do I know that much about it, save for a few phrases I will admit to trotting out every now and then for a joke … but it seems to be met with much, much confusion and amusement when I talk about it with someone because they have brought up the incredibly funny scene from Austin Powers. It is not the most common form of communication in London, but it does make for great comedic moments …

2  //  Mayo with Fries

I do not know if every Brit does this, but I love to dip my fries in mayonnaise. When I first did it out and about with polite company, it was like I had picked my nose to use as burger relish – they thought it was disgusting. Thoughts?

1  //  Egg Cups

Little did I realise that egg cups were not really a thing over here. I love a good boiled egg and have some truly amazing egg cups (you can see them here) and every time I use them, I get laughed at. Apparently, over here you just boil them, peel them and slice them – how do you have yours?

What have people found weird about what you do? I would love to hear all about it!


18 thoughts on “What Americans Think Is Weird About the British

  1. Angie Americana says:

    OMG the Viking looooves mayo with his fries and I’m all “what is this abomination??” Also definitely the egg cup thing. I never knew what they were for!


  2. Claire says:

    I couldn’t ever imagine a boiled egg not standing tall awaiting a closer inspection from his Soldiers! I love my egg cups too. The only time you slice a boiled egg is when you are putting into a sarnie with lashings of Mayo. I too dip my chips in Mayo, it’s the bees knees. X x x ( just had thought Molls, you may need to translate) x x


  3. natasham says:

    How can you have a soft boiled egg if you don’t have an egg cup?! Lol
    Love that Austin Powers clip…I’ve never seen it…hilarious!!
    There’s a lot of really odd things about the yanks but one thing I got to give them is the ac’s! We have them in London and I use mine April – October!


  4. quentin lotte says:

    Mayonnaise with chips? What is this fiendish contrivance?! That is strictly for the Belgians and other Europeans. No self-respecting Brit would be caught dead with a jar of that foul oily slime in the castle. It’s Red, Brown or salad cream for the fried potato, that is if you are eschewing the salt and malt.


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