Weird Things I Do As a Brit in America

We all go through a range of changes as we continually progress through life, but some are a direct result of being a Brit abroad … I am not saying every British expat will do these, but I think some of them may have common ground with those of you who are far from home.

So tell me, what weird things do you do when living in a new/different country? Or is it just me?

1 || Religiously watch British TV shows I would never have been interested in before – I would go so far as to say that I actively seek them out.

2 || Talk to every British person I encounter (admittedly there has not been that many) and swap immigration experiences like old war dog stories.

3 || Buy any and all British food I find in my local grocery store, even if it is stuff I hate, and make my American chums try it even though I will not eat it myself!

To be fair, I pretty much love everything in this photo from ym grocery store

To be fair, I pretty much love everything in this photo from my grocery store

4 || Every time I get in a car, I exclaim excitedly that it feels like I am the driver because “you drive on the wrong side”. Every time. Seriously.

5 ||  Use British slang words I never, ever used back on the fair shores of Britannia – I mean, Lord luv a duck, are you having a giraffe?!

6 || Have a minor (or major – depending on the size) flappy insect freak-out when I see a bug. I grew up collecting, handling and being fascinated by all things creepy-crawly (except spiders), but because I do not at first recognise them here, I have a bit of a meltdown.

A mayfly, and a building covered in them - yes it gets that bad around here

A mayfly, and a building covered in them – yes it gets that bad around here

7 || Ask anyone who is not American “how do you find it?” – meaning life here in the US and get in a rather excited discussion when I find that the things that confuse me also confuse others!

8 || Becoming slightly obsessed with having the Union Jack on things. Currently seeking a throw cushion to add to my growing collection.

9 || Answer questions on all things British that I know nothing about, but said with absolute authority just because someone asked.

A little touch on the Union Jack in my home

A little touch of the Union Jack in my home

10 || Make a point of spelling things the British way – cannot quite bring myself to write in American just yet.

11 || Knife and fork my burgers, pizza and any other fast food much to the amusement of those around me.

12 || Develop a strong attraction to Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston and Henry Cavill … ok, maybe that is not so weird – common sense really!


8 thoughts on “Weird Things I Do As a Brit in America

  1. Arni says:

    Quite a fun challenge driving on the other side of the road. It’s not easy with the roundabouts. I tried driving on the other side once beside cliffs. It reminds me of the time I used to hoard products from home. Unfortunately I can’t find them here in France. The family here still find it weird whenever I eat breakfast that doesn’t include bread or baguette. What can I say, I love my banana and sweet potatoes in the morning.


  2. ldr13 says:

    1. It’s funny you say you seek out British shows that you usually wouldn’t even normally like. I went through the same thing before I made the big move: anything with British accents or a small town, cosy feel became my cup of tea. Embarrassingly, I became obsessed with “Heartbeat” of all things :p.

    You’d think I’d be seeking out Canadian shows (and some were) but I loved anything with a small-town sense of home whether British or Canadian (Coronation Street, Corner Gas, Time Team), and movies that were scenic and slower-paced (The Secret Garden, The Stone of Destiny). All of a sudden, shows I might normally deem “old” or “boring” felt like home and I couldn’t get enough. Now that I’ve moved I haven’t been quite so obsessed, but I can definitely agree that there’s something homey about British tv, even though England has only just become my home.

    I was just laying out in our hammock and gazing at the rooftops thinking how quaint and quintessentially British they look as if I’m living in the world of Heartbeat :p.

    2. I haven’t encountered any other Canadians yet, but before I moved I did talk with every British person I encountered :p.

    4. Same!

    5. There isn’t a lot of Canadian slang but I use it when I can. I’m starting to use a lot of British syntax and slang, though a lot of it still feels foreign in my mouth. While I don’t talk with an accent my thoughts are often in a British accent because it’s what I hear all day, so that has been strange. Have you experienced this?

    9. You’re hilarious 🙂

    10. Long live the “U”! Luckily in Canada we spell everything the British a.k.a the right way but that never stops my laptop from constantly underlining my words in red.

    I always enjoy your posts 🙂


    • Molly @ The Move to America says:

      It is so interesting to find that no matter where we originate from, but that when living elsewhere, we experience the same or similar things!
      So glad it is not just me!

      Thanks for the lovely comments – I really enjoy reading about your experiences and perspective!

      Liked by 1 person

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