Sex, Cheese & Stationery: Interesting Search Term Referrals

I have written a few times about the unusual, funny and just weird internet search term referrals that send people to my blog … some leave me scratching my head and wondering what on earth is on my site and in my writing that would compel a search engine to list The Move to America …

Now, I am not making fun of what people type into the webbage when searching for answers, but more an amused giggle at why the almighty search engine gremlins think my blog would be the most useful option.

Getting a little lighthearted amusement will soon be a thing of the past as more and more search terms get encrypted, but for now, I have my top 5 favourite search term referrals that not only put a quizzical confusion in my mind, but a smile on my face.

Thank you people of the internet. Keep being you, keep being weird and keep stopping by my blog. I hope you find what you were looking for!

search term referral 5

No, why?

search term referral 4

Because if you are going to have goals, they may as well be cheese related.

search term referral 3

If sex really is moving to America, good luck with the visa process!

search term referral 2

Well you go on with your bad self!

search term referral 1

Sorry, I am taken – but good luck with that!

Go on, what strange things have you typed into, or seen, on a search engine? Have you got a site with some interesting referrals – what were they?


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