Travel Tale: Egypt (Deir al-Medina – Karnak Temple – Mountain Trek)

One of my travel dreams was to go to Egypt – and as a very excited 25 year old, I got to experience it with two amazing friends from university. Here is part two of what we got up to – to read part one, you can click right here! For part three, you can click here.

Deir al-Medina is located near the Valley of the Queens and is on the Theban west bank. It is an ancient workman’s village which is where the people who worked on the tombs in the Valley of the Kings lived.

You get to see the settlement and all the outlines of the houses and streets that once was – it really gives you a sense of what life may have been like. It really felt like archeology in action and there is much work being done to reconstruct and learn about the everyday lives of the people and their families that lived here. It really was a fascinating stop on our Egyptian adventure.

deir al medina

Then on to Karnak Temple which is a huge temple complex making it the second largest religious site in the world (after Angkor Wat in Cambodia).

Hypostyle Hall columns

Hypostyle Hall columns

Statue of Ramses II - Karnak Temple

Statue of Ramses II – Karnak Temple

One particularly impressive part of the complex is the Hypostyle Hall – an impressive 134 columns in rows that once supported a now fallen ceiling. It was built by/for Seti I (father of Ramses II who is my favourite Egyptian pharaoh because he was a natural red head – what can I tell you, we stick together) who inscribed the northern wing of the hall.

More of the columns fo the Hypostyle Hall

More of the columns that make up the Hypostyle Hall

The next adventure was going on a donkey trek near the Valley of the Kings – we were up very early and made friends with our chosen steed (I named mine Bob). The poor donkey did a great job trekking us up the mountains and we got to experience the early morning sun which made everything look even more beautiful than it already was.

The mountain near the Valley of the Kings

The mountain near the Valley of the Kings

I developed a strong bond with Bob, I think we actually fell in love because I found a note from him that was decorated with carrots and expressed his new found affection for me. I do hope Bob is doing well, but it all came to an end when the next step of our journey was getting on our riverboat and heading to Edfu Temple … which will be in the next edition of my Egyptian travel tales!

A mountain, Bob and me!

A mountain, Bob and me!

Have you ever been to Egypt? Where did you go and what did you think? Is Egypt on your travel list for the future?


2 thoughts on “Travel Tale: Egypt (Deir al-Medina – Karnak Temple – Mountain Trek)

  1. Susan says:

    Great post! It looks like a wonderful trip! I’ve never been to Egypt, but I was able to go to Morocco and Senegal when I was single. The trips were absolutely incredible, and you’ve motivated me to dig out the photos!


    • Molly @ The Move to America says:

      Thanks, I just wanted to share a little of the adventure without boring people with too much info, so I have picked the highlights and it gave me so many happy memories thinking about it! I hope you got to dig out your photos and have a look to remind you of your adventure!


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