Road Trip Diary: Tawawa Park in Sidney, Ohio

Road trips are always a great way to spend the day and to get out and explore new places. This particular road trip was to go and visit Sidney, Ohio and the 180-acre nature and picnic area of Tarawa Park. There were so many beautiful things to see, enjoy and photograph during this lovely excursion.

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Tawawa Park can be found in Sidney, Ohio and was named after Tawawa Creek which runs through the park.

tawawa park 3
tawawa park 8
It was established in 1948 and is part of the many parks and recreation areas that the residents have close by. It has many little areas for children to play in (some that are the very same ones that my husband played on as a child – he grew up in Sidney).

tawawa park 11
tawawa park 15
You can have picnics, long walks and enjoy the sunshine and nature trails. Dip your toes in the creek and find quiet areas to just sit and watch the wildlife go by.

tawawa park 21

The hubby next to ‘Big Rock’ which he would climb on as a child

tawawa park 20
It really is an oasis of nature and beauty – if you get a chance to go, you will really enjoy it and get a chance to unwind – you can find it at 12 Tawawa Dr, Sidney, OH 45365

Have you been to Tawawa Park or visited Sidney, Ohio – where did you go? Where would your dream destination for a road trip be?


12 thoughts on “Road Trip Diary: Tawawa Park in Sidney, Ohio

  1. Phoebe @ Lou Messugo says:

    It looks so beautifully green and calm. I love the covered bridge. Road trips are my family’s favourite holidays, we drive across Europe very often – this summer we’re off to explore Poland, by road from the south of France. We dream of doing a big US road trip one day, just like you and Clara.


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