Top 5 Tips For Having A Successful Road Trip

I recently went on a really enjoyable road trip to Sidney, Ohio. My travels gave me the opportunity to experience a bit more of the open road and see / visit some new mid-west scenery. I absolutely loved it, so have written a post sharing my Top 5 Tips For Having A Successful Road Trip.

I am not an aficionado of road trips, but this is what worked for me …

Plan Ahead

This is rather obvious, but look into where you want to go and what is available there. You do not want to spend time travelling to find the places you expected to visit are not open at that time of year etc.

Plan your route, how much it will cost in gas, and where there are stops to refresh yourself.

Speaking of refreshing yourself …

Have a Comfort Pack

Having bottles of water, wet wipes, tissues, hard candies, sunglasses (if the weather calls for it) and favourite music to listen to all make the drive there a bit more comfortable.

road trip tips 1

Have a ‘Just In Case’ Pack

First aid kit, umbrella, sunscreen, fold up rain coat, spare change for parking, change of shoes if the ones you are walking around in prove to be impractical … whatever you think may be your ‘just in case’ supplies, bring them – you can never be too organised! Oh, and have plastic bags, always useful to have a couple to hand to collect rubbish, carry something or store used/changed items.

Also, make a note of any medical/emergency facilities en route and near the area you will be in.

Bring Entertainment

Depending on who you are travelling with will dictate what is useful. Do bring a selection of activities for children/teens (great Pinterest link here) and make sure you have some music to rock out to (my personal favourite entertainment) plus I like to have my camera at the ready to capture anything interesting along the way.

road trip tips 2

Stick to Your Budget

A road trip can make you feel carefree … you are not, you still need to pay your bills and honour your financial commitments! Budget out what it will cost to get you to your destination and what you can afford to spend when you are there, and stick to it!

I followed these top road trip tips, and had a really great time, and I am busy planning the next one.

What other tips do you have? Is there something you always make sure you have or do when going on a road trip?


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips For Having A Successful Road Trip

  1. A_Lauren_Abroad says:

    I totally agree with all of those, but one of the most important things is to have fun and literally see where the road takes you! Take lots of pictures at random rest stops…diners on the side of the road are probably the best source of inspiration 🙂


    • Molly @ The Move to America says:

      Oh, yes, if there is no specific destnation in mind then just going where the road takes you is a great idea. This list was more in relation to my recent trip to Sidney, Ohio where we wanted to do/see specific things.
      I love having my camera on my lap ready to snap away at anything interesting that goes by – all the pics I have on this post, and a load on my instagram are from the recent Sidney trip – I just loved it so much! I cannot wait to decide where I want to go next when we are able to factor the time/money in. So exciting!


  2. The Expat Blog says:

    Great advice Molly! Thanks!

    My wife and I are planning a road trip from San Francisco up the West Coast to Vancouver in the summer so we’ll follow most of this!

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