Road Trip Diary: Sidney, Ohio & ‘The Spot’ Diner

What better way to enjoy some 80+ degree summer weather than to go on a road trip?! The destination was Sidney, Ohio and its famous diner called ‘The Spot’ which has been the hub of high street life for over 100 years. Getting to visiting iconic diners is a great way to explore new places.

The destination was Sidney, Ohio a city in Shelby County named after Sir Philip Sidney (1554-1586) a British poet and member of Parliament.

Before the arrival of the settlers, it was the rich and fertile hunting ground of the Shawnee and Miami Indian nations – which explains the presence of an absolutely gorgeous park – which I will be sharing with you in the next part of this road trip diary.

Today I am going to share a little bit about ‘The Spot’ a 100+ year old traditional diner and the surrounding main street area. Enjoy!

road trip the spot diner

On the corner of Court Street and Ohio Avenue is ‘The Spot’

This is ‘The Spot’ a traditional American diner that has existed on this corner, in one form or another, since 1907. It started as a chuckwagon owned by Spot Miller and then went through various reincarnations including a rebuilding in 1940 due to a fire and a remodeling inside in 1976 (its current interior layout).

road trip the spot diner interior

The beautiful interior of ‘The Spot’

It serves an array of traditional Ameircan diner food at really good prices (the most expensive burger/sandwich is $5.25 and the fries are $1.85). The atmosphere is family friendly and is a real slice of small city life. The burger I had was made and cooked fresh and was really delicious and the fries were crispy and incredibly tasty. I enjoyed my diner experience here and would love to eat here again if I ever get the chance!

road trip the spot diner burger

The ‘Big Buy’ burger ($3.49) and fries ($1.85)

I went for a little wander around the immediate area near the diner, and Sidney, Ohio has some impressive buildings and history. The courthouse was built in 1881 and was visited by presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft who addressed the local population and gave speeches on the courthouse steps.

The courthouse

The courthouse

One of the other buildings that caught my eye was the 1918 Louis Sullivan designed Thrift Building. It really stood out and is a beautiful example of arch fronted 20th Century architecture (yes, I am a bit of a building nerd).

The Thrift building

The Thrift building

More interesting buildings

More interesting buildings

Another Sidney, Ohio landmark is the ‘Big Four’ Bridge which has been used for rail traffic since 1923. It is a huge structure that adds a dramatic look to the surrounding area, especially when you see and hear a train travelling along it.

The 'Big Four' Bridge

The ‘Big Four’ Bridge

I really enjoyed my time in Sidney, Ohio and would like to go back soon to maybe visit the summer time drive-in or the farmer’s market that is held there. I think there are quite a few hidden gems in this city, and it was so lovely to get out in the good weather to experience some of them. I will be doing another Sidney, Ohio inspired road trip diary post again soon where I share some of what the beautiful Tawawa Park has to offer.

Have you been on a road trip recently, where did you go? If you could go on a road trip anywhere, what would be your destination? Have you been to Sidney, Ohio?


4 thoughts on “Road Trip Diary: Sidney, Ohio & ‘The Spot’ Diner

  1. Susan says:

    That trip looks like do much fun! I’m glad you and hubby were able to get a car. We’re a one car family, and I know how hard it is when the car breaks down. I love to take road trips! We’ve done roads trips for years even when our sons were babies. We like to drive across Florida or go down to the Florida Keys. It’s a long trip to the Keys because of the heavy traffic and one lane roads, but it’s a beautiful ride! I hope you get to go to the drive-in this summer!


  2. ldr13 says:

    Looks like a pretty city. There are so many great spots for delicious, cheap comfort food in the States, I think I’d gain a lot of weight if I lived there. My man and I loved checking out all the places from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives when we were in Florida and they didn’t disappoint! This looks like a cute burger spot for sure 🙂


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