Need Help Going Abroad?

I am definitely not planning on doing another international move soon, but I do have general curiosity about the world and what is available to us wanderlust seekers and culture vultures. If you are looking to work or study abroad there is a site called which has some really useful information for doing just that.

HGA screenshot 1

Some of the articles available on the site

One thing I particularly like about this site is the section about being a volunteer. As I am someone who does like to help people or make a positive impact on the community around me, the list of available volunteer programmes really got me thinking – how can you not get excited with listings like game reserve conservation in South Africa, teaching music to children in New Zealand or archeological research in the Caribbean – all complete with a good break down of all the information you need like qualifications, highlights, and what is included? There is also some really useful advice and tips so you get a good understanding of whether something like this would be for you – and I will admit, I am pondering deeply about it.

Have you volunteered before – what were your experiences?

Home Page Snap Shot

Another part of the Help Go Abroad site that I like is the easy access to other travellers or people who are looking to live/work/volunteer abroad via the discussions page. I often have questions that need answering and it is good to know there are other people who are curious about the same things. The categories are easy to navigate and if you want, you can join the site to become a community member – which makes things feel even more accessible. I am a big advocate of gaining as much information as possible before you make a big change or choice in life, and if you can get that from those people who have done it already, it is all for the better.

Just think about all the things you wished you had known before you worked or studied abroad – what advice would you give?

There are plenty of sites available to look through for travel support and advice, and I think Help Go Abroad is a good, accessible example of this – what do you think?

Also, if I have triggered a serious case of wanderlust within you – where would you like to go next?

From the volunteer page

From the volunteer page of Help Go Abroad


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