How Not To Be An Annoying Hotel Guest

Recently I had a stay at a local hotel because the heating decided to die and temperatures here were at a record freeze (yay). Overall it was a very pleasant stay with regards to the hotel room, facilities and the staff … but there were a few other hotel guests who made it less enjoyable.

With that in mind, I have created this list of good hotel etiquette to get the moaning about inconsiderate people off my chest so I can concentrate on sorting the flood occurring in my bathroom (yes, the house woes continue).

Have you ever experienced a stay in a hotel that was made less relaxing by other guests? Share your experiences in the comments below – go on, let it all out!

1. Everything you say in the corridor at night can be heard, so please do not stand around having a loud conversation whilst other people are trying to sleep. Thank you.

2. Whilst young children are understandably excited about being in a hotel, getting them to stop jumping off the beds and onto the floor at night with reverberating loud thuds would be greatly appreciated.

After all ... we all want a good nights sleep

After all … we all want a good nights sleep

3. The room doors are heavy for good reason (fire safety first, people) but knowing that they slam shut behind you should be duly noted, and when people are trying to sleep, it would be a nice idea to make sure you do not let them slam behind you at all hours.

4. Please refrain from farting in the elevator. Enough said.

5. More fresh coffee will be brewed and you will get one more. You do not need to obsessively guard the last dregs of dark roast. If in doubt, you can ask for more.

Got anything else you would add to the hotel guest etiquette list?


12 thoughts on “How Not To Be An Annoying Hotel Guest

  1. jlhilleary says:

    Amen, amen, amen! You hit all my pet peeves plus one I never thought about… (who farts in the elevator? Gross)

    Hotel guests are the worst part of a hotel stay unfortunately.

    I can add one place that it was *not * an issue though! We had a perfect stay at Nemacolin Woodlands last summer in their Falling Rock hotel. Very pricy but so much is included- what price for peace? (40 or so miles south of Pittsburgh). Save up for an anniversary splurge and you’ll have a sequel to this post!


    • Molly @ The Move to America says:

      I would also add – do not talk loudly at the elevator. My room always seem to be near the elevator and that is where people congregate and have a loud chat! Eeek!

      That hotel you mentioned sounds great – I may get to go one day and enjoy the peaceful experience!


  2. Susan Peric says:

    Not returning the luggage cart to the lobby is one thing that annoys me! We usually have lots of bags and it’s a pain to carry it all by hand. Also, I don’t like when the coffee/tea area is wet or sticky with spilled drinks. Glad your furnace is repaired!


  3. Rachel says:

    Yes, if you’re going to do it, do it quietly!
    Other peeves: people who smoke in non-smoking rooms so the smell lingers. People who smoke in the elevator or hallway. People who crank the volume on their TV.


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