Creative Spaces: Making an Inspiration Board

This is my ‘How To’ for making an Inspiration Board which you can use to put all the things that give your brain creative tingles. It is great for any project you have as you can add and remove anything to create a new focus … it is also a nice way to showcase mementos.

1. Selecting and marking out where the inspiration board will go using masking tape

inspiration board A

The wall before I started … and marking out a grid using masking tape

2. Pins in place, now wind the brown string around them to create the pattern you want

inspiration board B

Pins were placed at equal intervals … 4 rows of 5 pins

3. Add items that inspire using wooden clothes pegs

inspiration board C

inspiration board D
As you can see I have added quite a bit to it, including personal photographs, postcards, quotes, gifts, and other pictures. What do you think?


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