Top 12 Funny Search Engine Referrals

Looking at the funny things people have been directed to my blog for is a real eye-opener. It is usually very helpful to learn more about what readers find interesting … but sometimes it is just very odd! Here is a quick round-up of what people have searched for, and been sent to my site:

online search 1

  • moving to america
  • things to do in toledo
  • missing home quote

online search 2

  • you have a good heart
  • sunshine
  • my favourite blogs

online search 3

  • thoughts on things not expected from anyone
  • thk u wid gud mrng
  • I am not a mistake

online search 4

  • handsome indian man posing in local park
  • sharing your red pubic hair with other redheads
  • inside crackers

I always find these fun to read – what about you? Have you ever typed something to do an online search and seemingly got sent to a site that just did not make any sense?


10 thoughts on “Top 12 Funny Search Engine Referrals

  1. bevchen says:

    Haha, I love the Indian man!
    I always wonder how people get to my blog by typing a single word (like your “sunshine” example). Like how many hundreds of pages did they have to scroll to before clicking on my blog?


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