What ‘Home’ Means to Me

I asked expats and travel enthusiasts about what ‘home’ means to them, and I had many great responses to that question. Thank you to all who responded – it was really interesting to read. In the following post, I have collated what I found out, so have a look through and see if you agree.

Map of where people who responded are currently living:

Foodessen living in Germany wrote  “… I always felt like I had two homes, but since moving to Germany 4 ½ years ago, I have to say my definition might be changing. I am currently at home in Germany, and feel at home, but if you ask me where home is I will say Texas. To keep it short I think we call the place we have spent the largest portion of our life home. I also think that this can change over time.”

Rachel living in Atlanta, GA, USA wrote “… it’s where my life is at the moment, where I’m settled with my husband in our home. Home is where there’s love and happiness – I’m surrounded by it here in Atlanta and I’m so happy and lucky to be here. The UK will always be home to me, but right now my ‘home’ is in Atlanta.”

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Mrs TeePot living in France wrote “For me home is the UK, it’s where I grew up and it’s where I know. Home is where I know the social customs, the language, the etiquette. Home is not having to think – things being second nature – fitting in.”

Samantha living in Sweden wrote “… In brief, to me home is wherever I am living with my husband … Home is wherever I am with him, and where we have settled ourselves. There is a part of me that will always think of Minneapolis as home, because most of my friends and family live there. Home is where I rest my head at night (preferably with my husband!)”

Zeta living in Denmark wrote “Home, to me, is a place to go back to.  I don’t have just one home.  My parents’ house back in the US is home.  Our apartment here in Copenhagen is home.  There’s a little bit of home in Green Bay, WI, just north of Chicago, and Malmö, Sweden.  Soon, we’re moving, and that will be home, too.  Where I go at the end of the day–the place to make it back to.  Home is where I’m happiest.”

Susan living in Florida, US wrote “Home is where I feel comfortable, safe, and can let my guard down and just be myself. My loved ones, husband and two sons have to be here, of course, for a place to feel like home. Home has to have personal items, too: my furniture, photos, clothes, favorite drinks and foods. I also tend to think of the town or area I live in when I define the word home. I absolutely have a need to feel safe in the town I live in, and I have to know my way around …”

So what does ‘home’ mean to me?

It can be so hard to define, because the concept of it does change, especially if you have made a move to live abroad. The excerpts of the comments left by the people I have included in this post basically sum up the differences in what I feel.

My thoughts on what 'home' is

My thoughts on what ‘home’ is

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, so feel free to add your thoughts!

Seychelles Mama

15 thoughts on “What ‘Home’ Means to Me

  1. seychellesmama says:

    What a great post, absolutely loved reading people’s definition of ‘home’ it’s really fascinating to read!!!
    To me (like Zita) I feel like I have many places I call home. My parents house will always feel like home but equally the house we lived in for almost three years in America was home, I had three years of happiness there and that will always be a home to me. Currently Seychelles is my home, and I truly do feel like it is….when we visited the UK I automatically described it as home without even thinking about it and was really very happy to be back here!! As it’s where we had Arthur, wherever we live in the future Seychelles will always be home to me now!

    Thank you so much for joining in with #myexpatfamily 🙂 x


  2. Meghan Peterson Fenn (@bringingupbrits) says:

    Great post and fantastic question – one which has so many different answers and those answers can change over time as well. For me, home is the UK where I currently live and where all my children were born. However, it’s not always been my home and it’s taken many years for me to actually say that is is my home to me. And to be honest, some days I struggle to say that it’s my home!! Simply because there are so many things that are still very foreign to me and that don’t come naturally to me. And of course things that I’m still learning. It’s definitely home to my family as a whole. #myexpatfamily


    • Molly @ The Move to America says:

      I loved all the responses too – and your comment (thanks for leaving it). I feel like the UK is home because I know all the customs and most of my family are there, and now America is home too, especially as now I have more of my belongings around me … it is an interesting experience for sure!


    • Molly @ The Move to America says:

      I really like that – that home is where your heart is, and I feel the same. My heart is with my husband, but part of it – mainly because I have not been in America that long (coming up for a year) – is still in the UK. I like that the concept of home will evolve, that has put my mind at ease with how I was feeling split by it all. Thanks for your great comment.


  3. Rachael (@hookstitch) says:

    Having just moved house (and being an expat) for me, it’s actually just where the husband and the cats are. When we moved the cats into our house that became home, even though we were still sleeping in our apartment. I still have family in the UK but I don’t consider it my home anymore, actually I have little attachment to the UK since leaving oddly.


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