My Top 7 Myths about the British

There are stereotypes about every nationality that one can encounter every-now-and-then … the British are no exception! This post is about the things people have asked me (or told me about as they are convinced it is true) and the perceptions of what the British, and Britain, are like – it can get awkward!

1. Brits have bad teeth … (some do, but not all)

2. Beer is served warm … (never drank a warm beer in my life)

3. British women are hairy and do not shave their underarms or legs … (I cannot speak for all women, but this is not true of me – unless I cannot be bothered)

4. The only accents are Cockney or BBC announcer … (there are so many reginal accents beyond these two)

5. We have all met the Queen … (I have never met her Maj)

6. British = Londoner … (British means from all areas of Britain)

7. It rains constantly … (it rains a fair bit, yes)

Now, I am not saying that there is not a Brit with bad teeth, hairy legs, drinking a warm beer whilst chatting with the Queen in a Cockney accent under an umbrella in London, but we are not all like that, I can assure you!

Have you heard of any others or been asked if something is true? What myths/misconceptions have you encountered about where you are from?


16 thoughts on “My Top 7 Myths about the British

  1. bevchen says:

    Germans think it rains constantly in the UK as well. Every time it rains someone says to me “You should be used to this, you’re British!”. I’ve also been asked whether we really eat mint sauce with everything!


  2. ldr13 says:

    These made me laugh especially because my British man recently came to visit and we watched all the Austin Powers movies which embody most of the misconceptions mentioned above :p. I was very surprised at the amount of slang Brits use; when my man and I first met I had trouble understanding him! I really overestimated the degree to which Canada and England are the same. There are many differences I hadn’t anticipated; the wall plugs, the sink taps, the no air conditioning!, the boobies in the newspaper, the slang, the lack of my favourite junk foods, the mild winters, the roads, the pay parking, certain laws.

    As for me being from Canada a lot of people think Canada and America are the same thing, or that we live in igloos, or that it snows all year round. The main thing people know is that it’s very cold, but they are often surprised that we get -30 weather in the winter. It’s horrible!!!


    • Molly @ The Move to America says:

      Ahh, yes the Austin Powers movies! They are very funny, but I am sure they add to the misconceptions too!
      British slang is something that catches my Hubby out even today, as there does seem to be a huge variety, and like you, I too did not think of those subtle differences like the plugs, air-con etc. I was even confused by a can-opener and door lock! Haha!
      Thank you for your great comment!


      • ldr13 says:

        Don’t feel too bad about the can opener/door lock situaton I had to ask my boyfriend how to wash my hands in his sink… there’s a hot tap and a cold tap. I asked how do you get warm water though? The answer: you can’t! I could not get over this hahah Or the fact that there’s no plugs in the bathrooms! I was like ‘where do I plug in my bathroom heater? How do girls get ready in this country?’ :p

        When he came here he thought that us Canadians really like our amenities. We sure do! It’ll take soe getting used to when I move there in the spring time but he’s worth it. 🙂

        How are you liking America? Do you get homesick? I think I will when I move.


      • Molly @ The Move to America says:

        I love being in America and I am really enjoying the new experiences, although at first they were a bit overwhelming! I have got a little homesick – nothing too major as being with Hubby is where I feel most at home, so I had reverse homesickness when we were in our LDR as even though I was ‘home’ in the UK I felt out of sorts and not at ease with where I was.


  3. Jade says:

    I love this post! I remember talking to an American couple in Seoul airport earlier this year and they were so excited that they were talking to “a real live English person” that I didn’t have the heart to tell them I was really a dirty old Aussie! They did ask a few questions about the Queen and if it was true that we didn’t use soap in the bathroom!


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