Using International Money Transfers

This is a paid post on behalf of Travelex – a way to transfer money internationally that offers many financial services online for those moving abroad or travelling. It includes one off payments, regular transfers, exchange rate information, travel insurance and other services. There are also some top tips at the end of this post!

All experiences and opinions are my own and given honestly.

How We Transferred Money
During my time apart from Hubby, we needed to be able to send or receive money to and from the UK / USA regularly, and with as much ease as possible. We did a little bit of looking around and decided to use MoneyGram because we both had easy access to places that offered it. In the UK, I could go to my local post office, and in the US, there are several big name stores (and some smaller ‘carry-out’ establishments) that offered this service – plus it is available online.

When we needed to send money to each other, we would go to one of the places that offered MoneyGram services and fill out a form which required various details (name, address, date of birth of the sender and receiver, amount being sent, what country you are transferring to and what currency will be received etc). Once all the information from the form is put into the system by the teller, a unique reference number is generated which I would then text to Hubby (or vice versa) to collect the money.

us dollars

When receiving the money, another form had to be filled out – which was similar to the one mentioned above and included the unique reference number – and ID had to be provided (in the US Hubby used his driver’s license and I would use my passport when in the UK). Once the information is checked, we would get our money.

There was a fee to be paid (either out of, or on top of, the money we were transferring) which was based on how much we were sending (and where it was going). Both Hubby and I found that the fee charged was fairly reasonable each time we used it, but it would affect how much we could send.

Filling out forms to send or receive money did not take too much time (it also meant I had someone face-to-face to talk to or check details with – which I do like), but it did require a trip out and that was not always convenient. I never got around to using the online option via MoneyGram, but if I have to transfer money again, I think I would consider doing it this way as it means I can do it from the comfort of my home at any time I need to.

My Top Tips:

  1. Never send money to someone you do not know or be persuaded to do so, it is almost always a scam
  2. Always shop around and check what fees are charged before you decide to use a particular company
  3. If sending larger amounts of money, check which company would best serve your needs
  4. Talk to people who have transferred money internationally to see what worked for them

Have you ever transferred money internationally? What tips would you give? How did you do it?


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