U.S. Food Review: BBQ Beef Brisket (at Famous Dave’s)

A big part of getting used to the culture and everyday life of the USA is very much linked to new food experiences. The latest taste test / food review is for BBQ Beef Brisket (at Famous Dave’s) which I almost have no words for … no words to describe beef that is so good.

The Information

Brisket is a cut of beef from the lower chest or breast (can be veal too) usually rubbed with spices, marinated and smoked for many hours to make it tender and charred.

Famous Dave’s is a BBQ restaurant that specialises in beef brisket, ribs and chicken. It started in Wisconsin in 1994 by Dave Anderson who was head of the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs from 2004-2005.

famous daves sauces

The Taste Test

I had my beef brisket with potato wedges, coleslaw and a cornbread muffin – all of which went really well together. The brisket was tender, juicy and had a fantastic charred crust and was covered in a ‘rich & sassy’ BBQ sauce that complimented the spicy rub and smoky flavour of the meat.

brisket meal

brisket close up

The Verdict

I loved it. I have never really had much BBQ meat done in this way, and as a first experience of a BBQ meal, it was superb. I want more – I really cannot say anything else other than if you have not had beef brisket, or visited Famous Dave’s, then you must. You have to. Go now!

Have you been to Famous Dave’s – what did you have? Have you had beef brisket before – what did you think?


6 thoughts on “U.S. Food Review: BBQ Beef Brisket (at Famous Dave’s)

  1. Rachael says:

    My first introduction to BBQ food was through Famous Daves as a taste test – it was alright. But once you get away from the chains like FD and into an independent BBQ place the taste difference is immense especially if they know the best ways for slow cooking and rubs and the like. After eating at Slows here in Detroit, I don’t think I’ll step back into a chain BBQ restaurant again.


    • Molly @ The Move to America says:

      Hubby recommended Famous Dave’s as a starter and then he is going to take me to a few none chain places that he knows of – I’m so excited for that! It will be so great to get about and try different places to compare – a job I am more than happy to do!


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