A Trip to Michigan: Visiting Cabela’s

As part of my expat life, I try to visit places I may not necessarily think of going, especially if they are very different from what I am used to, so in light of that I headed to a hunting and outdoors store called Cabela’s in Dundee, Michigan which has the most extraordinary animal display.

store front blog

I am not a hunter etc, so why go to Cabela’s? Well, as their Wikipedia page explains …

Cabela’s has a distinctive look to its retail operations, a look which turns its retail stores into tourist attractions. The stores are more like cavernous showrooms, bringing the outdoors inside. They feature museum-quality displays of taxidermied wildlife, large aquariums, indoor mountains, and archery ranges.

Part of the central display - a mountain with running water and a fish pond

Part of the central display – a mountain with running water and a fish pond

I will admit that I would much rather see animals alive than dead and displayed, but there is no doubting that this was a really interesting visit. The range of animals, plus the aquarium, gave us so much to look at I forgot I was in a store. It really did feel like a natural history museum as the displays were really well done. There is even a place to eat and a fudge shop so you can rest from wandering around the store for a while.

A Canadian moose

A Canadian moose

Polar bears and wolves hunting for food

Polar bears and wolves hunting for food

Hunting is very popular here in the US, and even though it is not something I would choose to do myself, it was definitely a fascinating place to go to.

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What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever visited a Cabela’s store?


4 thoughts on “A Trip to Michigan: Visiting Cabela’s

  1. Rachael (@hookstitch) says:

    If we ever head up to the Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills we always wander through the Cabela’s there just to see the fishes. My inlaws back in Pennsylvania are big, big hunters but it’s certainly more for eating rather than a rich lifestyle thing like in the UK.


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